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  • Active X Version. Installs to a local workstation.
  • Requires little / no user training to use 95% of the system's features.
  • User login policies control access to cameras, control, playback and other features.
  • Playback engine supports date time search, review at a glance, and network browse.
  • Grid view allows users to build camera array displays with simple clicks and save them for future login sessions.
  • Can be used stand alone or with Enterprise series recording systems.
  • Includes Digital Video Editor capability.
  • Includes Area Scan (intelligent search) functionality.
  • JAVA based version available, Viewstation W
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Softsite Viewstation is a PC based Window's client application. Installed on PC workstations, it allows users to log in to the Softsite32 Environment and retrieve live views and playback with a few clicks of the mouse. Attention has been given to the user login capabilities. As each user logs in to the system from any enabled PC, specific rights and access levels are granted at a very granular level. Some users may be able to view live video only from specific sites; Others may have additional rights to allow archive playback, cameras PTZ control and copy / export functions. Now available in a platform independent Java version as well.

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Additional Information:

The fundamental design of Viewstation is in the presentation or live video, archive playback and Map displays. It is typical that Client workstations, located on users desks throughout a network, typically have low resolution monitors and less than robust workstations. Viewstation overcomes these limitations completely. The Java version of the Viewstation further simplifies use by requiring no additional software be installed on the viewing client.

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